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Travelogue : Yanagawa, Fukushima Prefecture (April 2015)


It’s good to be back blogging, and sharing my experience from my little travelling.  I have decided to do a “sabbatical” from my wedding photography this year. Want to refocus back my thoughts on photography, especially travel.  I will miss the fun of being with happy couples on their big day, but I will also know that being the thrill of rediscovering the passion of taking pictures, natural pictures.

I have a strong attachment for Japan.  I like their culture, their people, their mentality and their discipline.  I have always told my friends that I would prefer to travel to Japan more than to travel to Europe (Asians have strong attachment to Europe, for some reason).  I always think Japanese culture is one-of-its-kind, and you can’t find that anywhere in the world. They are so unique. Their love for their country and their own people is amazing, and to them, it is always “Nihongo First” i.e. Japan First.  The Japanese spirit were clearly demonstrated in the 2011 tsunami near Fukushima Prefecture.  This devastating natural disaster has united the whole Japan and the world can witnessed the Japanese spirit of helping each other during disaster.

I visited Fukushima recently, in April this year.  I spent 7 days in Yanagawa, of their small town inside Fukushima prefecture.  Yanagawa is an interesting little town, surrounded by mountains.  Main economic activity is agriculture, and you can see practically everyone has small plots of “rice fields”, outside their home !  Staying in Yanagawa, you will feel refreshed, and you will feel rejuvenated.  You will rediscover the spirit of community, where everyone knows everyone, where streets are safe even at night, where it is, according to the locals here, “no-crime”.  My 7 days in Yanagawa has brought me fresh spirit and I felt renewed in optimism that life can be simple and life can be fulfilling without having the need to chase for materials such as those in the big cities.  I will be back again next year, hopefully can speak better Japanese, so that I can communicate better with the locals.

Hope you enjoy my sharings.  There will be more….


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