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Pre-Wedding : Benjamin & Rachel

Hello all.  My last post was on my travelogue to Europe and that was about almost 2 months ago.  Time flies, and without you realising it, it is already mid year 2014 !!  Mid year is where the action starts, from the photography perspective.  This is where weddings and pre-weddings would be happening, at least till August, then, there would be a pause for about 1 month, and from October onwards, it will be full action till December.

Which is where my next sharing is ; a lovely couple, and a very good friend.  Benjamin was my colleague while we both worked for a local bank.  Our friendship just strike without a single hiccup, and we became best buddies.  Benjamin met Rachel in a class they both attended while doing their Master degree few years back.  And according to Benjamin, it began with the word “hello”…..  more like love at first sight for my buddy.  Rachel is the sweet, fun loving girl, and definitely it is Benjamin’s fortune to manage to made Rachel his wife.

I photographed their pre-wed photos in several locations, including a very interesting off-road location.  I would like to share some of my favourites, and I hope you like it.  Give me a LIKE if you do.

Cheers !



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